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Dealers of industrial consumables and accessories, hand and power tools, welding equipment, industrial and domestic pumps, and machine tools.

Maroor’s saw the need to establish an exclusive Machine tools and accessories outlet, offering an excellent range of industrial machines, power tools, hand tools & tackles to the industrial customers of the district, as the first step in diversifying from the vehicle spares industry.

This served as the foundation for Maroor’s Machine Tools Co. in 1971. As a part of our ongoing efforts to provide high-quality products to our clients, we have been steadily expanding the product line. As a result, Maroor’s Machine Tools Co. is now proudly connected with more than 40 reputable and leading manufacturers worldwide.

On K.S. Rao Road in Hampankatta, Mangalore, our freshly designed and renovated head office is in the city’s centre. The “Maroor House” structure, which houses our corporate office, has a dedicated sales counter for more than 20,000 part lines and a state-of-the-art Bosch system specialist which facilitates a demo centre & service centre all under one roof.

Our branch office is conveniently situated at Kulur on the national highway, with storage and counter sales, and is only a short distance from the city’s largest industrial park. It is also close to a majority of the city’s major industrial project sites. In an endeavour to reach close to our customers, we have an additional outlet in Kulur to serve our valued customers from the city’s largest industrial park.

Maroor’s Machine Tools Co.

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Maroor’s Machine Tools Co.

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